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The Slovakian and the Hungarian employment services, together with their social partners, set up a EURES-T crossborder partnership to resolve the temporary and permanent employment problems encountered on the two sides of the border in the region along the Danube by promoting mobility.The crossborder partnership is indirectly supported by EURES (European Employment Services), the co-operation network established in 1993 and gathering the public employment services of the Member States, their partners, and the Commission.

Assistance to crossborder activities implemented at national, regional and local level represent an important element of the EURES activities. EURES has an especially important role nbso online casino reviews to play in the crossborder regions. These are employment regions characterised by significant actual or potential crossborder commuting. People living in one country and working in another meet with different national routines and legal systems and may encounter administrative, legal or taxation problems as a result. One of our priority activities is the extensive distribution of information in order to eliminate the uncertainties associated with crossborder recruitment and employment. Given the large-scale labour flows in this region, the EURES-T Danubius Crossborder Partnership came to be recognised also officially, and started its independent budgetary operation on 1 April 2007.

In addition to the employment-related issues, we put special emphasis on the co-ordination of the labour market training programmes in the crossborder region, and on supplying information on the conditions of work and living there. We use personal contacts as well as briefing materials and information displayed on our internet portal to reach the employers and the jobseekers.