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Information forum for employers

The cross-border partnership, in seeking to improve the quality of services provided to employers in the area of cross-border mobility, to supply various kinds of information to employers and to deepen cross-border cooperation, organized information forum specifically for employers.

The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Dunajská Streda, in cooperation with the EURES-T Danubius cross-border partnership, organized an information forum for employers on 16 November 2010. Twenty-one employers from Slovakia and twelve representatives of the public employment services from Slovakia and Hungary took part in the forum. The employers received information about the current activities of the EURES-T Danubius cross-border partnership, the situation in the labour markets in the Dunajská Streda district and the Győr region, and about the system of cooperation between Slovak and Hungarian employers. They were also informed about the active measures implemented in the labour market to increase employment and about various forms of business support. The employers evaluated the forum as very useful and expressed their support for organization of additional forums in the future. An information forum for employers was held in the Hungarian town of Vác on 21 April 2011. The aim of the partnership was to inform Slovak and Hungarian businesses and employer representatives about the activities conducted by labour offices in the regions of Vác in Hungary and Levice and Nové Zámky in Slovakia and about the systems of support provided by those offices, with a specific focus on cross-border cooperation opportunities. The businesses and entrepreneurs from border regions of both countries displayed much interest in the active labour market tools discussed and in opportunities to do business across the border.

Detailed presentations were given at the forum on the following topics: Kinds of support offered by the Labour Office of the Capital City Budapest and the branch in Vác and the situation in the regional labour market in Hungary; the system of support in the administrative areas covered by the Labour, Social Affairs and Family Offices in Nove Zámky and Levice in Slovakia and the situation in these regional labour markets. Representatives of the Foundation for Pest County Development (Hungary) informed about loan and grant opportunities under their grant system for small and medium-sized enterprises and microbusinesses and also discussed specific opportunities for cross-border cooperation between businesses.

This event was evaluated as a successful activity and as an opportunity to present the systems of support by labour offices of both countries to the business community whose members also used the forum to exchange experiences and information about various opportunities for specific kinds of cooperation.