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Specialised working meeting – “Acting together for cross-border cooperation”

The EURES-T Danubius cross-border partnership, in cooperation with the European Employment Services (EURES), organized an international meeting in Tata on 5-6 May 2011 to present the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border employment policy, its objectives and outcomes. The partnership explained that it seeks to bring together organizations for cross-border cooperation purposes, to map out the activities of similarly-focused organizations which, having identified common areas, can eliminate potential duplication and further develop complementary activities. The following organizations were present at the meeting: Pons Danubii EGTC (European Group for Territorial Cooperation); the Regional Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Science; EURES-T Pannonia (a Hungarian-Austrian cross-border partnership); a program for Hungarian-Slovak Cross-Border Cooperation – the MA-SLO-W Project (MAgyar-SLOvak-Workforce) to promote the “European Year of Volunteering 2011”; the Komárom-Esztergom County Government Office; Women Protecting the Family and the Association of Mothers to promote the “Year of the Family 2011”; and the mayor of the Tardos municipality to promote Slovak-Hungarian Co-existence, who presented his municipality and surprised the participants with a performance by a folk ensemble.

Experts in employment services, members of the EURES network, employers and non-profit organizations discussed cooperation opportunities in a workshop held on the second day of the meeting.

The participants appreciated the useful presentations and topics discussed in the expert working meeting in their own day-to-day activities and the extensive variety of the information they received. This opportunity to learn about good initiatives and the development of new programs certainly deserves further attention by the partnership.

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